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Dongarra, J., Performance of Various Computers Using Standard Linear Equations Software (Linpack Benchmark Report),” University of Tennessee Computer Science Technical Report, no. CS-89-85, January 2001.  (6.42 MB)
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Dongarra, J., and P. Luszczek, How Elegant Code Evolves With Hardware: The Case Of Gaussian Elimination,” in Beautiful Code Leading Programmers Explain How They Think: O'Reilly Media, Inc., June 2007.  (257 KB)
Dongarra, J., M. Faverge, T. Herault, J. Langou, and Y. Robert, Hierarchical QR Factorization Algorithms for Multi-Core Cluster Systems,” IPDPS 2012, the 26th IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, Shanghai, China, IEEE Computer Society Press, May 2012.  (405.71 KB)
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