Dynaprof is a performance analysis tool designed to insert performance measurement instrumentation directly into a running applications' address space at run time. The instrumentation included with this release of Dynaprof can measure real-time as well as any hardware performance metrics available through the PAPI. Run-time instrumentation of the object code has numerous advantages over traditional source-based performance profiling systems. Most significant of which is the elimination of the interference of calls to the instrumentation with the compiler's optimization passes. For aggressively scheduled processors, significant code reorganization and subroutine inlining is often required for maximal utilization of the processors functional units. When additional subroutine calls are added, the performance of an application can change especially for compute intensive regions. An additional benefit is the removal of the instrumentations dependency on the compilation process. The type and format of the instrumentation can be changed without recompiling the application.

Dynaprof User's Guide
SC2002 Tutorial in OpenOffice
SC2002 Tutorial in PowerPoint
SC2003 Tutorial in OpenOffice
SC2003 Tutorial in PowerPoint

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