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The goal of the Task-based Environment for Scientific Simulation at Extreme Scale (TESSE) is to use an application-driven design to create a general-purpose, production-quality software framework that attacks the twin challenges of programmer productivity and portable performance for advanced scientific applications on massively-parallel, hybrid, many-core systems of today and tomorrow.

The TESSE team is composed of researchers from Stony Brook, Virginia Tech, and UTK, who have designed a system that uses DAG-based data flow as the basis of the software. This capability, with the extensions being explored by the TESSE team, will provide significant potential advantages in ease of composition, performance, and ease of migration to future architectures for irregular parallel applications. The TESSE team’s next major goal is the ubiquitous existence of a powerful DAG-based data flow tool that complements, and is completely interoperable with, mainstream standard parallel programming models such as OpenMP and MPI.

Find out more at https://www.iacs.stonybrook.edu/project/tesse

In Collaboration With

  1. Stony Brook University
  2. Virginia Tech