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With more than two decades of tracking supercomputing progress, the TOP500 list continues to provide a reliable historical record of large computer installations around the world. Seeing critical HPC metrics across all 500 machines and drawing a rich picture of the state of the art in the supercomputing field with respect to performance, energy consumption, and power efficiency are now easier than ever because of the list. Recent editions of the TOP500 have, for example, revealed a meteoric rise of accelerated and specialized architectures, as well as the integration of power and energy measurements from the Green500 project.

In November 2016, the number one spot in the TOP500 belonged squarely to the Chinese Sunway TaihuLight system, which nearly tripled the performance of the second-place finisher, Tianhe-2, also from China. Moreover, the presence of the Chinese permeated the list, as for the first time they featured the same number of systems as the US. Making this edition of the rankings especially diverse were new processing and networking technologies from the US and international companies. Of special note were Knights Landing processors from Intel, Pascal GPUs from NVIDIA, and new Infiniband interconnects from Mellanox and Intel.

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