ICL Research Profile



The objective of the Programming with OpenMP4 for Exascale Investigations (POMPEI) Project is to investigate data structure programming paradigms and their interoperability with OpenMP 4.5 tasks. POMPEI will evaluate existing APIs (like SharP from Oak Ridge National Laboratory [ORNL]) and co-design new APIs targeting numerical linear algebra routines and applications to harness the potential of extreme-scale heterogeneous systems.

The POMPEI project is a collaboration between ICL/UTK and ORNL. It is based on the MAGMA library and involves the development of a new unified programming approach for dense linear algebra on large-scale heterogeneous systems. POMPEI will demonstrate how OpenMP/OpenACC constructs can enhance the MAGMA library to interoperate with new data abstractions in a unified programming approach supporting various computing architectures.

In Collaboration With

  1. Oak Ridge National Laboratory