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OpenSHMEM is a Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) library interface specification that aims to provide a standard Application Programming Interface (API) for SHMEM libraries to aid portability across multiple vendors—including SGI, Cray, IBM, HP, Mellanox, and Intel. OpenSHMEM supports one-sided communication and is a perfect fit for applications with irregular communication patterns with small/medium sized data transfers, since it is optimized for low-latency data transfers.

The OpenSHMEM Library API provides calls for data communication, group synchronization, data collection, data reduction, distributed locking of critical regions, and data and process accessibility to OpenSHMEM PEs. PEs put/get data to/from remotely accessible symmetric data objects on other PEs.

Find out more at http://www.openshmem.org

In Collaboration With

  1. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  2. University of Houston

Sponsored by

  1. The United States Department of Defense
  2. The United States Department of Energy