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The Parallel Runtime and Execution Controller (PaRSEC) environment, which is well tested and in preproduction use, implements a dataflow paradigm that attacks the two sides of the exascale challenge: it has been built from the ground up to express and manage extreme-scale parallelism, while maintaining the performance portability of the code it generates. The Distributed Tasking for Exascale (DTE) project proposes to transition the PaRSEC framework to exascale supercomputers, while extending it to further facilitate programmability and increase scientific productivity.

The PaRSEC environment provides a runtime component to dynamically execute on heterogeneous distributed systems, and a productivity toolbox that comprises development framework supporting multiple domain-specific languages and extensions, and debugging, trace collection, and analysis tools. Critical ECP computational libraries either do or will depend upon PaRSEC as their dataflow backend, and so PaRSEC should thus be expected to have a major impact on the many ECP applications that depend on such libraries for their performance. The DTE project plans to develop PaRSEC for ECP relative to scalability, interoperability, and productivity to line up with the critical needs of ECP application communities.

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  1. Exascale Computing Project
  2. National Nuclear Security Administration
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