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Charara, A., J. Dongarra, M. Gates, J. Kurzak, and A. YarKhan, SLATE Mixed Precision Performance Report,” Innovative Computing Laboratory Technical Report, no. ICL-UT-19-03: University of Tennessee, April 2019.  (1.04 MB)
Gates, M., J. Kurzak, A. YarKhan, A. Charara, J. Finney, D. Sukkari, M. Al Farhan, I. Yamazaki, P. Wu, and J. Dongarra, SLATE Tutorial , Houston, TX, 2020 ECP Annual Meeting, February 2020.  (12.14 MB)
Gates, M., A. Charara, J. Kurzak, A. YarKhan, M. Al Farhan, D. Sukkari, and J. Dongarra, SLATE Users' Guide,” SLATE Working Notes, no. 10, ICL-UT-19-01: Innovative Computing Laboratory, University of Tennessee, July 2020.  (2.35 MB)
Kurzak, J., M. Gates, A. Charara, A. YarKhan, and J. Dongarra, SLATE Working Note 12: Implementing Matrix Inversions,” SLATE Working Notes, no. 12, ICL-UT-19-04: Innovative Computing Laboratory, University of Tennessee, June 2019.  (1.95 MB)
Gates, M., M. Al Farhan, A. Charara, J. Kurzak, D. Sukkari, A. YarKhan, and J. Dongarra, SLATE Working Note 13: Implementing Singular Value and Symmetric/Hermitian Eigenvalue Solvers,” SLATE Working Notes, no. 13, ICL-UT-19-07: Innovative Computing Laboratory, University of Tennessee, September 2019.  (2.71 MB)
Abdelfattah, A., H. Anzt, E. Boman, E. Carson, T. Cojean, J. Dongarra, M. Gates, T. Gruetzmacher, N. J. Higham, S. Li, et al., A Survey of Numerical Methods Utilizing Mixed Precision Arithmetic,” SLATE Working Notes, no. 15, ICL-UT-20-08: University of Tennessee, July 2020.  (3.98 MB)
Donfack, S., J. Dongarra, M. Faverge, M. Gates, J. Kurzak, P. Luszczek, and I. Yamazaki, A Survey of Recent Developments in Parallel Implementations of Gaussian Elimination,” Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, vol. 27, issue 5, pp. 1292-1309, April 2015. DOI: 10.1002/cpe.3306  (783.45 KB)
Haidar, A., M. Gates, S. Tomov, and J. Dongarra, Toward a scalable multi-GPU eigensolver via compute-intensive kernels and efficient communication,” Proceedings of the 27th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS '13), Eugene, Oregon, USA, ACM Press, June 2013. DOI: 10.1145/2464996.2465438  (1.27 MB)
Kurzak, J., P. Luszczek, M. Gates, I. Yamazaki, and J. Dongarra, Virtual Systolic Array for QR Decomposition,” 15th Workshop on Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computational Models, IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2013), Boston, MA, IEEE, May 2013. DOI: 10.1109/IPDPS.2013.119  (749.84 KB)
Dongarra, J., S. Tomov, P. Luszczek, J. Kurzak, M. Gates, I. Yamazaki, H. Anzt, A. Haidar, and A. Abdelfattah, With Extreme Computing, the Rules Have Changed,” Computing in Science & Engineering, vol. 19, issue 3, pp. 52-62, May 2017. DOI: 10.1109/MCSE.2017.48  (485.34 KB)